A woman records the presence of aliens in a forest in England (Video)

Demons are forces within us that act to our detriment. We cannot see them, but we can feel them as internal forces that neither enter nor leave us, but awaken within us. We are hosts to various positive and negative forces, to which we give different names, such as demons, spirits, and angels. Consequently, we can suddenly experience peculiar types of negative sensations, such as panic attacks, or, conversely, positive sensations, such as outbursts of joy.

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Most important among such forces, however, is that we must keep ourselves in balance: moving toward the meaning of life by developing love relationships with each other to match the absolute love that exists in nature. If we place ourselves in environments that support our calibration to achieve that balance, then we will avoid being controlled by such demons. Instead, we will be stronger in our ability to rise above its influence. But what many people wonder is: can demons be seen? Well, maybe a new video will have the answer to this question.

Strange disembodied figure

A woman while walking her dog recorded a demonic ghost crawling along a path in a National Trust park, England. The encounter was so shocking that she turned her skeptical husband into a believer. Hannah and Dave Rowett were walking their Labradors through the woods in Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire, around 6:30 p.m. earlier this month when the woman sensed they weren’t alone. Hannah, 52, quickly pulled the phone from her and recorded a terrifying white silhouette crossing the road in front of her as she followed it with a flashlight.

Seeing him again, he turned to Dave, also 52, and said, “I just saw a ghost.” Clumber Park, one of the National Trust’s most visited country parks, is said to be inhabited by a female spirit called the ‘Grey Lady’ who has been seen wearing a long gray cloak. Since then, she has been described as a demonic figure that crawls on her long limbs and is desperate to show herself off to all visitors. For her part, Dave admitted that he got goosebumps when she saw him and that she convinced him to believe in ghosts and supernatural beings.

The video was originally framed to make a short video, but Hannah converted it so she could share it on Facebook. It has now amassed over 500 reactions and nearly 2,000 comments, with scared users tagging it as scary. Hannah, who claims to have a sixth sense, claims that she has no logical explanation for the experience, as nearby pub and restaurant owners prohibit smoking.

“At first I thought he was a dog, but then when I look at him, he’s more of a human-type form,” Hannah told Britain’s The Mirror newspaper. “Dave was still getting one of the dogs out of the car and I felt like he wasn’t alone. I took a picture, and as she did, she went through the camera. He is quite demonic in the way he crawls and has long limbs. It never changes its shape and if it were smoke it would change. I followed it with my flashlight, watched it, then turned to Dave and said, ‘I just saw a ghost and I’ve got it on camera. I didn’t feel afraid. When I feel things, I always take out my camera because you can’t always see things with the naked eye. That’s why I photographed it. I think it’s such an amazing image that I wanted to share it. The children were impressed when we sent it to them. I have received so many messages about it. Justify our feelings about it. There aren’t many like it out there and we don’t have a logical explanation.”

Hannah, who owns The White Lion pub and restaurant in Worksop with Dave, says she grew up in a house where she regularly saw an old man who allegedly haunted her. Dave described himself as a skeptic of all things paranormal before seeing Hannah’s footage, but he admits that he changed his mind and gave her the evidence he needed to believe in ghosts.

presencia demoniaca inglaterra - Una mujer graba una presencia demoníaca en un bosque de Inglaterra

“I’ve always been very skeptical, but literally every hair from my toes to my head stood on end,” Dave said. “I asked him to show me again. I loved. He wasn’t scared. I was just glad to see something because I’ve always said I’d need it before I believed stuff like that. This makes me believe there is something.”

Hannah’s video has gone viral on social media, with some netizens considering her sinister figure to be cigarette smoke or e-cigarette vapor.

Now, what do you think about the strange disembodied figure?

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