A Touching Tale: A Tiny Calf’s Incredible Connection with a Herd of Caring Elephants

Eliot, a young elephant from Africa, had a tough start to life after his parents’ herd was unfortunately struck by lightning which led to him being orphaned. However, luck was on his side when he was rescued on Christmas Day at just three days old and taken to a sanctuary for care. Despite the traumatic experience, Eliot found comfort in the companionship of two older elephants named Kadiki and Beatrix, who also had similar experiences of losing their families and narrowly escaping death. When Kadiki was only one day old, she survived a lion attack, while Beatrix was rescued after getting trapped in a gully. Together, these three friendly playmates have found solace in each other’s company and continue to thrive and heal under the loving care of the sanctuary.

Eliot the baby elephant (right) pictured with Beatrix (left) and Kadiki (centre) - all three are orphans

In the picture, you can see a trio of elephants named Beatrix, Kadiki, and Eliot. The youngest member of this group is Eliot. It’s worth noting that all these adorable elephants are orphans.

Like Eliot, his new playmates Kadiki, aged three, and Beatrix, one, were also orphaned and narrowly escaped death

Just like Eliot, his newfound buddies Kadiki and Beatrix have also experienced the loss of their parents and a near-death experience. Kadiki is three years old and Beatrix is only one.

Eliot, a baby elephant who was saved on Christmas Day when he was only three days old, has found solace in the companionship of two older elephants at a sanctuary. Kadiki, who acted as a mother figure to another young elephant named Beatrix, now showers Eliot with love by wrapping her trunk around him. Together, the three elephants reside at the Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery located near Harare, where they are lovingly cared for by the animal charity Wild is Life. According to Roxy Danckwerts, founder of Wild is Life, the emotional bond between elephants is incredibly powerful and unique. When the trio becomes strong enough, they will be relocated to a reserve close to Victoria Falls, where they can safely join a wild herd and be protected from poachers.

Touching Story of a Calf Embraced by a Compassionate Elephant Community - Tintuc4

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