A strange “tiny figure” that looks like an ancient alien has been captured on camera by a woman (Video)


In her own words, Mellisa Braham from St. Helens says, “Recently, it was my birthday, and I got a new smart phone as a present. On Friday, February 26, I took my dog for a walk in the afternoon because it was a nice day. I also brought my new phone so I could try out the camera.

Before zooming in, Mellisa’s first picture

In the afternoon, I took a few short videos and a variety of photos with different resolutions. Later that night, I put the photos on my computer so I could look at them.

I saw what looks like a tiny humanoid-shaped figure walking from right to left on one of the still photos when I was going through them.

Now, I’m not saying that the object is a tiny living, breathing creature of some kind, but if you look at the enlarged pictures of it, you can see that it does look like a two-legged creature of some kind: it has a head, eye, body, arms, legs, hands, and feet.

No one knows what the strange object is, but it must be something because it reflects light and makes a shadow on the ground. It doesn’t look like a squirrel, rat, bird, or any other animal I’ve ever seen. It is a very strange-looking object.

I guess it could be something or nothing, like a piece of trash caught at an odd angle, a trick of the light, or something else that makes it look strange. I don’t know much about photography, so all I can say is what it looks like to me.

The photo was taken with a 12 MP camera set to fully automatic and at full resolution. No zoom was used. The picture was taken on Cowley Hill Lane, St. Helens, between the entrance to Victoria Park and the now-demolished health center.

Mellisa said she would send the picture to some experts so they could look at it.

She went on to say, “One researcher said that the figure does look two-dimensional and lacks detail, which others had also said. She said that the photo is 100% accurate for the bright sunny conditions and that he wouldn’t expect to see much detail unless it was cloudy and dull. He also said that if the figure is a real extraterrestrial shape-shifting wormhole-traveling entity, how do we know how it would look to the human eye?

I didn’t see the person when I took the picture. It was just a quick test shot to see how the camera worked.

If someone put it there as a joke, a model, a toy, or a cardboard cutout, why didn’t I see it, and wouldn’t an observant little kid have seen it and taken it?

The “tiny” humanoid that Mellisa caught on film

Plus, it wasn’t a windy day, but there were times when the breeze was strong enough to easily blow over a light toy, let alone a paper cutout. Who can get a piece of paper less than a millimeter thick to stand up on its own in a windy day with no visible support?

Mellisa’s story has been posted on several popular extraterrestrial websites. She says that people have called her a liar and made fun of her for telling it.

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