A mysterious ‘stairway to heaven’ appears over Florida (Video)

As far as conspiracy theories go, Project Blue Beam is one of the most popular. In 1994, Serge Monast, a Canadian investigative writer and journalist, revealed the four-step blueprint designed by NASA and the United Nations, which would allow these organizations to create a one world religion led by the Antichrist to start the New World Order. NASA would implement Project Blue Beam with an advanced mind control system as well as top secret technology to fool everyone into believing that there had been the Second Coming of Christ to Earth.

But first, the first step of the infamous project would involve artificially created earthquakes at strategic locations around the world. The second step would be a “giant space show.” During this stage, three-dimensional optical holograms, as well as laser projections of holographic images, would be projected across the sky. What would these images include? Well, perhaps phenomena like the one that recently occurred in Florida.

“Stairway to Heaven”

A video that has been posted online showing a strange cloud formation has left many netizens puzzled. Apparently, the video was recorded on October 28 in Florida by a person named Gray Garcia and later shared by the popular YouTube channel mavi 777. Unfortunately, other than that information, they do not offer any further details.

Be that as it may, the images quite interesting as they show several evenly placed ladder-like clouds stretching in a long line across the sky. Nicknamed by some as the “stairway to heaven”, the origin and nature of the strange formation is unknown. While it may simply be a natural weather phenomenon, many have suffered that it is Project Blue Beam. It would rather be the second step, space shows. As we have commented in various publications, holographic technology would be created by generating satellites in space that would project simultaneous images in the four corners of the planet.

As the whole sky is transformed into a huge movie screen, people would witness all kinds of strange phenomena in the sky, like the one that has happened in Florida. But everything would not end here, since the celestial holograms will give way to the third step, mental control.

Telephone communication devices will send signals to gain access to each person’s mind, convincing them that their god is speaking to them from the depths of their own soul. Such signals will be “fed” from the data stored in every human being on Earth. The signals will intertwine with your natural thinking to form what we call fuzzy artificial thinking.

And finally, the fourth step of Project Blue Beam will use various technologies to convince people that an alien invasion and abduction is taking place, making it easier for the elite to control the population. The Blue Beam Project is the main directive for the absolute control of the New World Order over the population of Earth.

However, the most skeptical offered a logical and rational explanation for the strange phenomenon, the formation of clouds is the remains of a message written in the sky that slowly faded.

What is your theory about “the stairway to heaven”? Are you part of the Blue Beam Project? A natural formation? Or do you have another explanation? Feel free to comment below or on our forum.

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