A mysterious being is captured on tape by a vocalist while they are in Iceland recording a waterfall (Video)

Elves are small, only 100 centimeters tall at most. And although they have big ears and wear handmade clothing, they don’t wear pointy hats. These stories and many more can be learned on an “elf walk” in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland, a port city outside of Reykjavik that is reputed to be the capital of the elves. Yes, elves. Numerous articles and blog posts have been published on the internet about the belief of elves in Iceland. It seems that the elves and the Icelanders have a secret bond that goes back hundreds of years.

The belief in elves is considered by many Icelanders to be an important part of Icelandic heritage, based on the many stories told about elves and their interactions with humans in Iceland. Fifty-four percent of Icelanders believe in them or say they might exist. The paths have been deviated around rocks where elves, or álfar in Icelandic, supposedly reside. A former member of parliament even swore that a family of elves saved his life in a traffic accident. So, we can say that the elves could be much more than myths and legends, and now we could have one of the best evidences of their existence.

The Dettifoss waterfall elf

An Icelandic singer has recorded on video what appears to be a mysterious creature hiding on the side of a cliff. The strange moment was recorded by Vigdís Howser Harðardóttir last week as she and her partner were visiting the Dettifoss waterfall located in the Jökulsárgljúfur national park. Although Vigdís did not see anything unusual at the time, after reviewing the video during her return home, it was her when she detected the creature.

As can be seen in the video, there is a disconcerting black shape emerging from behind a cliff while the powerful waterfall is heard behind. When posting the video on her Instagram account, Vigdís wrote that there was no one giving away, just a very steep precipice, making it impossible for someone to even lean out.

Although she insisted that she did not say it was an elf, the singer pointed out that the waterfall is located not far from a glacial canyon that, according to legend, is considered the “capital” of such creatures.

“I’m not saying this is an elf, but I’m a bit scared,” the singer told the Icelandic newspaper Fréttablaðið.

Without knowing very well what to do, Vigdís asked her followers to give her opinion about the strange creature seen in the video.

“There is no edition,” Vigdís continued to explain.

The singer added that she has heard various theories. That he was a black elf or even some kind of demon. She also said that there were about 10 people in the place, most of them at a nearby viewpoint, but she and her partner approached the waterfall where they took the photos.

“I zoomed in like this and there was nothing to worry about what I was doing,” Vigdís concluded.

However, the Icelandic singer does not intend to claim that it is something supernatural, but the video is interesting and that is why she has decided to publish it. Because at the moment she has not found a logical and rational explanation, she decided to watch videos on TikTok where people claim to have recorded elves. So far, she remains skeptical of those videos, but the images appear to show strange creatures very similar to the one she recorded.

Needless to say, since the incident occurred in Iceland, many of Vigdís’ followers on Instagram suggested that she was clearly an elf. For her part, the most skeptical claimed that the singer simply recorded something more mundane than an elf, like a plastic bag that had somehow gotten stuck between the rocks.

What is your opinion about the video? Is he an elf? Another kind of mystical creature? Or do you have a logical and rational explanation?

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