A mother’s unwavering love: A poisoned mother finds the last bit of strength to plead for the lives of her puppies

My heart sank when we found Luna poisoned and clinging to life. She was a devoted mother of six newborn puppies. After giving birth, she left her little ones to find food. Tragically, someone cruelly left poisoned food under the car where she had her pups. When the poor mama ate it, she became terribly ill.

A kind young boy discovered her in critical condition. He waited for the poisoner to leave, then quickly called our animal shelter. We rushed to Luna’s aid, though her breathing was labored. Despite her pain, she lifted her head pleadingly, begging us to save her babies. Our vet administered urgently-needed medication, and we brought Luna and her pups to the safety of our shelter.

Reunited with her little ones, Luna was weak and needed rest. But the next day, she rallied her strength for important vaccinations to protect her and her puppies. Though anxious, she behaved beautifully – what a sweet dog! The vet declared her improving health and closely monitored the too-young pups.

The next morning, Luna joyfully nursed her babies, thriving thanks to the community’s compassion. Abandoned but friendly, she was no stray. My faith in humanity was restored by the kindness of those who rescued this loving mama and her pups, offering them a new leash on life.

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