A massive fossil of a prehistoric serpent was discovered in a clandestine cave in Switzerland.

Archaeologists have recently discovered a large “fossil” of an ancient snake with an enormous size. ɱaпy people were shocked and curious about this strange object after seeing the images circulating online. However, the truth behind it is quite surprising.The gigantic 'fossil' of an ancient snake in a mysterious cave in SwitzerlandIn a cave in Switzerland, a rock has been found resembling the shape of a snake. Looking at this rock will make you feel as if you are facing a gigantic snake. It looks almost like a real snake that has turned into a rock. The cave is known as Naka Cave.

The fossil of an ancient snake found in a mysterious cave in Switzerland

The rock looks like a snake’s head

Naka Cave is known for its myths and legends, ɱaпy of which are related to a part of the cave that resembles a serpent. There is a specific stone slab that looks like a python’s head, while giant rocks with scaly texture look like the snake’s coiling body.

The body of the ancient snake found in a mysterious cave in Switzerland

The snake’s body has scaly texture that surprises ɱaпy people

In Buddhist mythology, the giant snake rock resembles the mythological snake called “Naga.” A Naga is half-huɱaп and half-snake, dwelling in the netherworld and occasionally taking the form of a huɱaп. Legend has it that the Mekong River in northeastern Thailand and Laos was created by two Naga kings, slithering in the area that is now part of the Phu Langka National Park. If we stay faithful to the legends of yore, then the snake rock might have been one of the Naga kings that has been in a long slumber.

Illustrating images of the mysterious cave in Switzerland

Illustrating images of the mysterious cave in Switzerland

If you are curious about the cave and the strange stories surrounding it, then come to Thailand to find out!

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