A lady had an experience with the infamous “lizard guy”: Lizard Man Is Back in South Carolina (VIDEO)

While going to church, she encountered a mysterious creature, it was extremely large, bloodshot eyes… Several international news agencies including CNN and ABC News also reported on this incident…

Historically, Lizardman was described as being about 2m tall, with fiery red eyes. It has 3 fingers and 3 toes. The tips of each finger and toe have a circular membrane that gives the creature a strong grip when climbing ceilings or walls. Lizardmen were first seen 37 years ago, in the Scape Ore Swamp and marsh areas in and around the town of Lee, South Carolina, USA.

30 years later this mysterious creature appeared again, specifically on August 2, 2015, Mrs. Sarah Berra living in Sumter County, South Carolina, USA, said: when she was going to church with a person you accidentally encounter “lizard man”, at that time this creature is running among the trees.

She immediately used her phone to capture this rare scene. This animal has only 3 toes on each leg, has claws, it stands upright, muscular, with bloodshot eyes, upturned nose and a long tail like a kangaroo’s.

Sarah sent an email to ‘ABC News’ in which she asserted: “I swear to God I didn’t make this up. It’s indescribable!”

Immediately after the news of the incident was published, someone accused her of lying and the image she took was simply a man wearing a disguised rubber “lizard-man” suit. But then another man released a video of a “lizard-man” he filmed a few months ago.

This person said he accidentally filmed the mysterious creature, with its long tail wriggling like an arrow in the trees during a ferret hunt, it appeared about 27m to 36.5m away from him. He had no intention of releasing this video to the public until it was reported that Sarah saw the “lizard-man”. He sent this video to WCIV news agency.

Accompanying the video was a letter, the man said: he had read about Sarah Berra’s “lizard-man” encounter, which gave him the courage to make the video public, which he filmed back in May. Explaining the silence he said: “Although my wife believed me to be real, she said she would feel embarrassed if people thought I was a fool, so I kept it to myself. silent.”

According to CNN, over the past three decades, there have been many traces of ‘lizard man’. One of them was in 2008, two men named Dixie Rawson and Bob said they encountered this ‘mysterious creature’ and it scratched their minivan.

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