A giant was captured by Tiktoker Canada while moving on top of a mountain, and the video has an unexpected ending. (VIDEO)

Andrew Dawson is a Canadian tiktoker. In April of the year, Andrew and his friends were running across a mountain and suddenly saw something strange at the top of the mountain. Andrew immediately recorded a video and posted it on tiktok telling the online community that he had met a giant. His videos were shared everywhere and the online community encouraged him to continue to investigate and update the latest information.

When he asked the locals, they said that the giant he encountered every year used to go there z`and then go.

Andrew decided to go back to that mountain to investigate. When he arrived, a strange base appeared. And someone forbid him from going up the mountain. Previously, this mountain was a national business, anyone could enter, but now it is forbidden to enter.

He decided to go back and work it out again and saw that there were a number of helicopters flying around that mountain, and apparently they were using nets to catch some animal.

A few days later he posted a video on tiktok and said that he was being watched, and maybe the online community will not see him posting videos anymore. And this is the last video he posted on tiktok.

By the end of 2022, the online community was stirred by his death, and his obituary image was widely shared online.

they believe that Andrew has been silenced by some force because he knows too much.

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