A Canine’s Journey from Abandonment to Acceptance: Finding Love and a Home with a Girl Who Accepts Her Chronic Illness

A dog that was returned for adoption due to a chronic illness found a home in a girl. she knew how to love her

 The furry one had already been adopted, but they ended up returning it because it was very difficult to care for. Nobody wanted to give her a chance for months, until she eventually discovered people that care about her.

The American organization Humane Rescue Alliance does not believe in giving up on the puppies they rescue, so once again they prepared to offer Fiona. Crushing syndrome leads the furry girl to lose hair, urinate regularly, require expensive drugs, and have a stomach that reaches the ground.

All of this made her an unusual prospect in the eyes of families trying to adopt a dog. She had been adopted in January of this year, but by August she was back at the shelter. The volunteers knew it would be difficult to give her up for adoption, but they would not give up on her.

Monica Whitaker was looking to adopt a kitten with her 5-year-old daughter, Myanni. But just then they saw Fiona, “ Is she pregnant? “ Asked the woman, to which they answered no, and explained her strange and delicate condition. She also mentioned all the special care that she needed from her and they confessed that for that very reason no one wanted to adopt her .

Then little Myanni reached over to pet the dog , and a volunteer gave her a piece of cheese to cut into small pieces so she could give it to Fiona. However, the girl disregarded that and handed her the entire slice of cheese, hoping to see the hairy Dela pleased from the start.

The girl immediately knew that she wanted to adopt the dog, and her mother began to cry . Monica knew rejection since her 19-year-old son was involved in an accident at the age of six that left him with a speech impediment as well as an intellectual handicap.

The woman understood what Fiona had gone through, so the decision was not difficult, they would no longer adopt a cat, but a beautiful dog . Everyone at the rescue group said farewell to the furry girl who had already been there for 120 days the next morning, with tears in their eyes.

In a short time Fiona already felt at home , Monica’s eldest son takes her out for a walk every day and lets her get on the couch. She also sleeps with Myanni and is essentially the new queen of the home.

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