A 13,000-year-old Extraterrestrial Mummy Was Found In Egypt: The Kgb Covered It Up (VIDEO)

Shocking information has been leaked. Have extraterrestrial civilizations been living here and visiting Earth for a long time?! They really visited the Earth, and the Egyptian civilization may have been connected with them. At least that is what can be concluded from the secret KGB files that have been made public.

It is evidence of a global silence, which makes it clear: the governments of the world are all suppressing the evidence pointing to the existence of extraterrestrials, because it would fundamentally change the past and even the present of human civilization.

The KGB files reveal that the Soviets organized a secret mission to Africa and other parts of the world, including Egypt, to search for traces and remains of extraterrestrials.

In Egypt, they also found a 13,000-year-old sarcophagus, which was much larger than an average human being. The sarcophagus emitted strong radioactive radiation, so it was examined in a protective suit and then transported to a super-secret Soviet lab. Before the transport, the sarcophagus was opened, where the mummy of a Nephilim-like, giant humanoid creature was found.

The incident happened in 1945, and they immediately tried to cover it up. However, since the dissolution of the Soviet secret service, some files have upset the mood.

The KGB became aware of the alleged existence of a new, alien mummy, and therefore organized an expedition to Egypt, which ran under the code name Project Isis. Their task was to find and exhume the strange corpse.

The recordings of this caused a huge shock when the American Sci-Fi network presented them. The entire documentary can be found on YouTube, so anyone interested in the topic can access it. Several scientists and researchers can be seen in the recording, including the neurologist V. Ivanovich, who reveals that he came across a very interesting document when the KGB files were opened.

The Isis project wasn’t really about unearthing an ancient mummy, it was more about finding a brand new weapon of mass destruction.

According to the records, the Soviets suspected that ancient Egypt possessed such advanced technology that, if used for military purposes, it would have made the Soviet Union a superpower. The purpose of everything was therefore to deceive, and with the clever pretext the KGB could operate unnoticed at the ancient graves. As has already happened during the excavation of several burial chambers, such poisons were released in the room that the explorers became seriously ill and then died.

Since Egyptian and Russian intelligence were closely intertwined due to the political situation, the KGB immediately learned of the interesting findings. The two men were talking about an unknown figure, who they called some kind of visiting deity. At first they thought it was the image of an Egyptian god that upset the men so much, but the truth was completely different from what they imagined. The Isis project became the most important running case among the KGB and the Egyptian secret service. The file was classified as top secret, as they were afraid that as soon as the CIA appeared, they would find out about the original plan.

According to some records, such a repulsive force emanated from the walls of the burial chamber that it was impossible to touch or touch it. The hieroglyphs testify that all the gods descended from the stars, and Osiris, who rose from the dead, for example, returned on a strange ship to provide knowledge and wisdom to the Egyptian people.

After discovering the poisons, the researchers, wearing special protective suits with gas masks, explored the rest of the burial chamber. Another interesting fact is that several people allegedly indicated that they recognized one of their relatives in the recordings.

Of course, only a few were able to prove that they really had something to do with the researchers in connection with some kind of kinship. It is a strange “coincidence” that the KGB records were never made public, and most of the witnesses either disappeared or died. It could easily be that they were silenced by the so-called men in black, who, according to urban legends, are said to be working to ensure that the alien-related leaks begin as soon as possible.

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